What You’ll Learn

Family favorites

These recipes are a favorite of my family.

Quick meals

  • To do shortcuts in the kitchen without compromising quality.
  • To make quick and tasty recipes.
  • To use different cooking techniques for better time management.
  • To make the best use of your time when in the kitchen.

Foods from around the world

Here are some recipes that I have learned from having lived in and traveled in different countries or from friends that come from these countries.

Cooking healthy

  • To cook healthy, low fat, low-calorie meals without compromising flavor.
  • In Asia, many foods also have health benefits. I want to share not only the recipes but what health benefits they have. I also want to give you tips on how you can incorporate these spices and plants into your everyday recipes.

What to look for when buying groceries

  • To select fresh produce.
  • To tell whether a fish is fresh or not.
  • To select and prepare different cuts of meat for different cooking techniques.

Cleaning out your refrigerator and pantry

  • To use leftovers in creative ways.
  • To separate the components of a recipe and make substitutions.

Understanding your spices

  • Using seasonings and spices to layer flavors
  • Discussing the health benefits of specific plants and spices and how to incorporate them in your own recipes.
  • To learn different ways of using spices for savory and sweet dishes.

Home Remedies

  • Using common pantry items to heal you whether you are sick or hurt.
  • Understanding the medicinal benefits of certain spices and herbs.

Party planning

  • To expand a recipe for large gatherings.
  • To know how much to make for a party depending on how many things you wish to offer.
  • If offering only one item for 8 people, then make enough for 8 to 10 servings as there may be some that would like second helpings.