Reason For Blog

After nearly 5 decades of compiling recipes, cooking and baking techniques, and food selection tips, I decided to create this blog as a resource for my soon-to-be college bound children.  I will be adding more recipes to this blog as I come across them through family, friends and my own research and reading.

I will show you:  

  • shortcuts – using techniques and everyday appliances around your kitchen to eliminate time that is wasted in waiting for ingredients to come to temperature or manual labor that is not necessary
  • ways to minimize clean up – have pots, pans and measuring cups do double or triple duty.  Also, organize your food prep to eliminate clean up of equipment in between tasks.
  • how to shop for vegetables, fruits, meats and fish and what to look for when buying other groceries to ensure that you have fresh and healthy ingredients
  • how to choose the correct cuts of meat for the type of cooking technique
  • how to substitute ingredients and to economize with different cuts of meat
  • how to use what you have existing in your refrigerator and pantry to create tasty meals while also cleaning them out
  • cutting techniques for destemming, deseeding, deboning meat and fish as well as peeling and chopping fruits and vegetables and slicing meat to ensure a tender cut as opposed to a tough, chewy bite.
  • how to cook for a crowd at short notice or with time to plan.

We are all so busy but having a tasty and balanced homemade meal can be made fun and easy.  You can add to your repertoire with quick and easy recipes from cuisines around the world. You can also adjust the recipes I have listed to accommodate your specific dietary needs.

Food has always been for me a way to express my love and affection for family and friends. Having friends and family that are Foodies combined with my globetrotting while having no dietary restrictions have exposed me to a lot of different foods, flavors, and cooking techniques. I have come across a lot of food that I enjoy and have sought recipes to replicate them.  I hope that you enjoy them too!