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Cinnamon Sugar

I keep this sugar in my pantry to add a punch of flavor over baked goods like sweet-tasting bread or muffins. I have used it over fresh berries and as a chip seasoning. It’s easy to make and keeps well in a glass jar. Hands-on time: 3 minutes Yield: 4 ounces INSTRUCTIONS Add both ingredients […]

Cooking Techniques

Tips For Deep Frying

I feel very guilty whenever I serve and eat fried foods. For this reason, I have looked into investing in an air-fryer and have sought out recipes that bake instead of fry. Having said that, some recipes just can’t be made without deep frying. Sometimes you have to live a little. Here are some tips […]

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Mango Lassi

There are about 1,100 varieties of mangoes in the world with a majority of the fruit coming from India. Mangoes are a wonderful summer fruit. They are delicious and nutritious. My Mom used to say (translated into English, of course) “In the morning, they are Gold, in the afternoon, Silver, and the evening, Brass”. In […]

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Sabudana Khichdi – Curry Tapioca Pearls

Tapioca pearls (sabudana), which are derived from the cassava plant, are a staple in the Indian/Asian/Brazilian diet. They are sometimes confused with Sagu which is derived from the pith of tropical palm trees. Sagu and tapioca pearls resemble one another as they both appear as small, white, opaque pearls that become translucent when cooked. Think […]

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Samosas are a triangular-shaped, flaky pastry dough that can be filled either with potatoes and mashed vegetables, spiced meat, or spiced shredded chicken. They are served with mint/coriander chutney and/or tamarind chutney. They make a wonderful tea time snack or a hearty appetizer with cocktails. India has been making samosas since they were introduced to […]